ALASD was established in September of 1994 and was titled South Dakota Assisted Living Facilities Association (SDALFA). There were 19 charter members. In June of 1996 SDALFA was officially incorporated as a non- profit organization. Also, in 1996 SDALFA joined the national association, The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). The intent of forming an association was to:

  1. Have a voice in state legislation
  2. Offer input to the SD Dept. of Health on regulations that effect the assisted living industry
  3. Provide public education about the assisted living industry, and 4) Connect with other assisted living facilities in the state.

As the association grew and formed a constitution and by-laws, it also had a President and a Board of Directors with Regional Representatives for four regions of SD. Annual conferences began in 1996 for education, networking with other facilities, and contact with the Dept. of Health. A newsletter was also started. The name was changed to Assisted Living Association of South Dakota, (ALAofSD). Recently the “of” was removed from the acronym and it currently reads ALASD. We continue to move forward and make changes. The President position has been revamped and is now called the Administrative Director. The by-laws were recently reviewed and revised. We continue to offer an annual fall conference and have a new and improved website.