Benefits of Joining ALASD

When you become a member of ALASD, you gain the following advantages:

Education is the key to quality, safe, and superior care. It is also the way to stay informed of new and innovative ways of doing business. ALASD provides cost effective training opportunities. Most importantly, we provide assisted living specific education through our state and national conferences, staff and administrator trainings, medication administration trainings, and self study certification programs. 

As a member of ALASD you are automatically represented both on Capitol Hill and here in South Dakota. The ALASD Legislative and Regulatory committees work proactively with the Departments of Health and Social Services, as well as with local legislators to ensure that the assisted living industry’s needs are being met. ALASD is currently working with the Department of Social Services to add more qualifications to the Medicaid waiver to help you cover costs.  ALASD is also working on providing cost effective worker’s compensation, long term care insurance, and is currently looking into forming a purchasing group.

In any maturing and rapidly changing industry, knowledge is critical to growth and success. Your membership in ALASD ensures that you are kept up to date on the latest developments in the industry. Through the ALASD newsletter, website, and the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) website, you are made aware of changes that may affect you and your business at both the state and national level.

Public Awareness
ALASD and ALFA work to ensure that the public and consumers are educated about the benefits assisted living provides to seniors in South Dakota and nation wide. ALASD has developed consumer and provider information packets that members can distribute to prospective residents, physicians, discharge planners, social workers, etc. to educate them on the types of services offered in assisted living and particularly in their residence. ALASD also has ALFA’s Consumer Guides & Checklists available for providers to purchase that are great tools to hand out to prospective residents and families. These are available to all assisted living providers, however, ALASD members receive a discounted rate.

Networking & Involvement
The state of South Dakota is divided into four regions. ALASD “region specific” communication and committees give members the opportunity to network with their colleagues as well as contribute their input and knowledge into the agenda of their association. Opportunities to network with state department representatives, key political figures, and national speakers are offered at our annual conference. Provider members also have the unique opportunity to network with Industry Partners to find the best product and services. 

* Please note that ALASD is not affiliated with the South Dakota Health Care Association (SDHCA).  The South Dakota Assisted Living Association (SDALA) is their affiliate.